Poker game customization: Chinese, English, Vietnamese multi-language version, multi-currency support.

One-stop service: 24-hour Sales service, one-stop integrated game, excellent technology, leading industry.

Game platform: funded by the Dubai Royal Family, built by Taiwan's top technical team, the game takes the lead.

Payment platform: payment, withdrawal, fast and reliable.

Intelligent operation: Professional operation accounting statement, clear operation performance.

Intelligent risk control: Provide financial settings and user behavior analysis functions to identify and avoid risks in a timely manner.

Intelligent operation and maintenance: Ensure smooth game experience for users.

Art templates: Provide game icon and logo customization.

Game defense system
Strong defense system to ensure system stability
  • Monitoring and warning: All-day monitoring of risk warning multiple protections

  • Domain name anti-hijacking: Intercept crawler requests, fully resist passwordcracking, and domain name intrusion protection.

  • System stability: High-performance server, multi-line architecture extremely fast and stable

  • Penetration testing: Simulate hackertesting to find security issues earlier and protect account security

  • Data repair: CSBS cross-regional data protection, fast data recovery

  • Information encryption protection
    The server is set up overseas, using DigCert to provide the latest 256-bit encryption program to protect the interests of customers and ensure the privacy of each user's data
  • Data analysis system: a powerful and stable background provides a variety of data analysis, providing youwith theincome of each game in each time period at any time

  • Powerful report function: detailed automatic data report to avoid manual calculation errors, assist you in data analysis, find problems in time and improve operational efficiency

  • Promotional activity templates: various promotional activity templates, readyto release activities, promotional games.

  • Risk control system: intelligent prevention making the game easily profitable.


  • Add contact

    add Fubo business contact information

  • Negotiate cooperation

    Discuss and confirm custom games

  • Pay the fee

    pay the service fee to open the version

  • Custom game

    create a docking group and pack Game

  • Online operation

    test optimization, game operation

  • Sales service

    7x24 hours VIP operation and maintenance support

  • Fubo Technology is funded and built by the Dubai royal family and has strong financial strength. which have obtained the highest level certification issued by the World Gaming Association, and are currently the largest top poker game service providers

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